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Please describe your company and your position there.

During the project i was the Principal, Educational Affairs.



For what projects/services did your company hire EXIT99 Design Studio?

As we were launching a new organization we got in touch with EXIT99 Design Studio asking them to design and develop our brand.



How did you select this vendor and what were the deciding factors?

I got to know about EXIT99 Design Studio from a friend, my manager and I interviewed them and explained to them our goals.

Describe the project in detail and walk through the stages of the project.

EXIT99 Design Studio started with getting to know more about the new organization, services, target clients, ideas and other brands we are intrested in and how do we like to introduce our self to the clients.

How many resources from the vendor’s team worked with you, and what were their positions?

We worked with the CTO who was managing his team, he was the main contact point. This mad it very easy for us as we will have to be in touch with a single point of contact.



Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

Since that the company is pretty new, we will evaluate the outcomes at a later stage.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

They are working with us as they are part of our team. they are supportive to us in implementing the brand the way we wanted.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?


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The Mind Vision Center vision is to enable the children’s role in the education process by adopting and adapting active technological enabled education strategies while protection the child’s health and safety.