Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the project cost us?
Before we talk about cost, let’s talk a little more about your vision and get aligned on how we’re defining success for this project. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to give you a very accurate quote.


Does EXIT99 Design Studio offer discount?

We don’t discount individual projects, but we do for longer term agreements! If you’d like to lock us in for multiple projects, we can offer you a discount.


How many revisions will you provide me?
Our fee includes the first two rounds, and then after that we will switch to hourly billing.


When will EXIT99 Design Studio start working on my project?
In order to block off our schedule, we need a deposit before we can get started on any work. We typically do a 50% deposit to get us started, and the the final invoice is due before delivery.


Can we get the project sooner than what we discussed?
We can definitely get this done for you on that timing long turn around we will have take the budget up or scale down the deliverable


What logo files will EXIT99 send to the client?

  • Color Spectrum: RGB | CMYK | Pantone
  • Logo Elements: Logo + Tagline | Logotype + Tagline | Tagline | Logo | Logotype | Logo Mark
  • Color Palettes: Full Color | One Color | Reversed Greyscale
  • File Types: AI | PDF | PNG | JPG


Why EXIT99 Design Studio service charges are to expensive?

If the success of this project is measured by how little you spend, then it absolutely makes sense to go with whoever comes in with the cheapest quote. If there’s a different metric that’s a priority for your business, let’s talk about that and how we think we can get you there more effectively than most.


Will EXIT99 Design Studio provide free services?
We don’t work for free, even if you go with someone else for this, we strongly suggest you put some budget behind this project. Otherwise it’s a much steeper climb to the measurable success metrics we’ve been discussing today, and there’s a good chance you’ll wind up moving backwards instead of forwards.